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Ants can live anywhere. There are around 10,000 species. There are often many varieties within each species. Ants live in colonies and are social insects. Queens and workers are part of an ant colony. The nests, which are built by worker ants, protect the structure. Nests are used to protect the ants from enemies and provide some protection against the weather. They also offer food and water sources. Some ant species build their nests in the ground, under concrete or slabs. Some species live in wood such as fence posts and dead logs. Because they don’t have the ability to digest cellulose, unlike termites, ants cannot eat wood.

The ant body is typical of almost all insects. It’s six-legged with an exoskeleton (or outside skeleton), that encases the three parts of its body. The ants also have two multi-purpose antennae. And unlike most insects, they have a waist making it easier to identify. The ant’s exoskeleton protects them from water loss, weather injury, and water loss. External skeletons enable insects to lift objects up to twice their weight.

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