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Box Elder Bug Pest Control

Box Elder Bug Facts

Many areas of the United States are home to box elder bugs. The adult size is about 1/2 inches. They come in bright red or black and have narrow reddish lines at the back.

Box elder bugs eat mainly from the juices of box elder trees, but they can also be found on plants. Although they do not cause any damage to trees, they can be a nuisance at times. They develop slowly through a metamorphosis from egg to nymph to adult.

Box elder bugs can infest homes when they multiply and become a nuisance. However, their piercing mouthparts can puncture the skin, causing minor irritation. Adults will seek winter shelter in structures they enter in the fall. They will seek shelter in safe places like houses, other buildings, cracks or crevices under windows and doors, around foundations, especially on west and south exposures. Even in the dead of winter, box elder bugs can still be seen if the sun shines and it is cold outside. The spring will bring them back to the surface to find host trees to lay eggs and feed them.

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