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Centipede Facts

Centipedes are usually found outside but can also be found indoors. Centipedes have many body segments and are brownish, flattened, and elongated. Most of their body segments have one pair each of their legs. Millipedes are different from centipedes because they have two pairs on most of their segments. Centipedes, however, have one pair of legs. Centipedes can grow to six inches in length, while the house centipede measures between one and two inches.

Centipedes live outdoors in moist areas like under leaves, stones, and boards, bark from trees, or mulch around outdoor plants. They may get into the house if they are near the foundation. Light swelling may be caused by larger centipedes. Most centipedes only become active at night. They will lay up to 35 eggs in the soil or on the ground during the summer. Four pairs of legs are present in newly hatched centipedes. The number of legs grows gradually until the centipede becomes an adult. Many species of adults live for one year, while others can live up to six years.

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