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Clothes Moths Facts

Two types of fabric-destroying insects are most common in the United States: webbing and case-making moths. It may take some detective work to identify the cause of the damage to the fabric. The pest is almost always absent when the damage is discovered. An investigator must take note of these clues in order to properly identify the pest.

  • You should look for dead or live insects. It may be difficult to locate live insects because they hide in closets or folds of fabric, so it is important to look for them.
  • Cast skins, insect fragments, and products are all possible. Larks with cast skins are often made from damaged fur or fabric. Clothes moths often leave silken cases, webbing, and pupae in damaged fabrics.
  • Type of fabric. Carpet beetles or clothes moths may eat keratin. This is a component of animal hair that includes wool, fur, and feathers. Fabric made from wool blends and silk can also be damaged.

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