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Cricket Facts

Crickets undergo a gradual metamorphosis, just like cockroaches. The young, called nymphs or babies, are similar to adults except that their wings do not fully develop. The field cricket and house cricket are the most common types of cricket.

House crickets can be found outdoors, but they will also come indoors in large numbers. The adult is 3/4-1 inches long, light yellowish-brown, and has three dark bands around the head. They can eat anything, and they will chew on woolens and damaged silk. House crickets stay hidden during daylight hours and are nocturnal. Their distinctive sound is their distinctive chirping. You can find house crickets in warm areas like basements and kitchens.

The United States has many field crickets. This cricket is slightly shorter than house cricket, and it is either dark brown, grey, or black. Field crickets prefer to be outside and feed on plants, but they will go inside when food is scarce or temperatures are too extreme. It is common for field crickets to be attracted to areas that are well-lit at night. This can make it easier to control the noises and reduce problems caused by crickets.

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