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Earwig Pest Control

Earwig Facts

You can easily recognize an earwig by the pincers on their abdomen. Earwigs measure approximately 5/8 inches in length and are dark reddish-brown with light brown legs. Females can lay up to 60 eggs in a single season. These eggs are placed in burrows, called chambers, about two to three feet below the soil. The average species has one generation per year. They overwinter in the soil. Both the young as well as adults require moisture in order to survive.

Earwigs mainly feed at night. They are scavengers. They eat mostly dead insects and plant material. Some earwig species are drawn to light. During daylight, earwigs seek shelter under organic matter, such as leaf litter, and pine straw. They love dark, damp areas such as under stone and sidewalks. Earwigs are known to eat plants and cause damage to fields’ crops. They can enter homes through doors and windows as well as the foundation. Their population grows around foundations. Earwigs are a nuisance in new subdivisions because they can produce large numbers very quickly. Earwigs can be found in areas that also contain centipedes (pill bugs), millipedes, and sowbugs. To control all insects, it is essential to eliminate earwig habitats.

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