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Flea Facts

Fleas can be as small as 1/16 inches in length, agile, and dark in color. Fleas are wingless insects that have mouthparts designed to pierce the skin and collect blood. They have long legs, and their hind pair is well-suited for jumping. Fleas are among the most adept jumpers of any animal known. Fleas can reach a height of 200 feet, which is more than their body’s length. Fleas can jump vertically as high as seven inches, and horizontally as high as thirteen inches.

The flea’s body has a hard, polished surface and is covered with many hairs, as well as short spines pointing backward. The flea’s hard body can withstand high pressure. Hard squeezing between fingers is usually not sufficient to kill it. Before they can reproduce, adult fleas need to feed on blood. It takes around two days to two weeks for eggs to hatch.

Flea saliva can trigger allergic reactions that cause rashes in both animals and people. Flea bites usually cause an itchy, raised area with one puncture point. The bites may appear in clusters of one or two bites and may remain itchy for several weeks. Fleas can also cause hair loss from the animal biting and scratching, and in some cases can even lead to anemia.

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