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Indian Meal Moth Pest Control

Indian Meal Moth Facts

Indian meal moths are the most frequent pantry pest in kitchens and pantries. At rest, adults can reach a maximum of 3/4 inch in wingspan. The body holds the wings together by folding them together. The wing is made up of two parts. The front half is pale, grey, or tan, while the bottom half is rusty or bronze.

These moths fly at night and rest during the day in dark areas. They will zigzag if they are disturbed while they fly. Their eggs are found in grains, cereals, dried foods, dried fruits, powder milk, and seeds. They feed on different foods and form a web-like substance that covers the food they infest. Infestations by the Indian meal moth are characterized by a lot of webbing in infested material. Because their larvae often crawl from their food to build silken cocoons, they are not usually found in infested foods.

A moth’s egg-development cycle can take between 25 and 135 days. A moth can lay between 100 and 400 eggs in a span of 1-18 days. Pheromone traps are the best way to eradicate Indian meal moths.

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