Springtail Control

Springtail Pest Control

Springtail Facts

Springtails are small, usually less than 1/5 inches long, and pale brown to creamy-colored insects. They seem to jump and disappear when disturbed. Springtails are named after the spring-like mechanism that is found on its abdomen. The organ is held in tension by a clasping structure when it is at rest. The insect can jump many times its own length when the mechanism is released.

They are often found in damp or moist places and in close contact with soil. They can be found in damp basements, sinks, bathtubs, and on the soil of houseplants. House plants thrive in the moist organic soil that provides them with the right environment for growth and development. Over-watering plants in winter and fall can result in a large number of springtails living in the potting soil.

The population density is often very high. It can reach 100,000 for every cubic meter of soil surface or millions for an acre. Some species can reproduce at temperatures as low as 40 degrees. Springtails can even live in snow! You can control these pests by letting the potting soil dry or by pouring liquid pesticides down your sink or bathtub drains.

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